A1 Planning specialises in dealing with all types of planning matters, as indicated within the left hand list, across the following sectors:

• Residential – ranging from householder applications (such as extensions) to large scale residential sites, including student accommodation, HMO’s, Nursing/Care Homes.
• Industrial/Commercial – Class B1, B2, B8 and Sui Generis development ranging from small scale individual sites to larger industrial park expansions.
• Retail – Class A1, A2, A3, A4 and A5 development ranging from singular units up to new out of centre retail development. Specialist in preparing Retail Impact Assessments to support such applications where necessary.
• Leisure – Class D1 and D2 development, again, ranging from single Dentist/Doctor Nursery sites to larger cinema/sports complex type developments.
• Environmental services – such as managing the Environmental Impact Assessment process and Scoping/Screening Reports to support planning applications.