A1 Planning has specialist knowledge of the Property Auction process. They have acted for a number of local developers assisting them with the auction process.

Specifically, A1 Planning offers a pre-auction appraisal service for sites which you may be interested in bidding for in forthcoming auctions. We will provide you with a detailed planning appraisal prior to the auction itself, giving you the knowledge of the true development potential of the site and the confidence to bid to a level where a clear profit margin is still available.

This knowledge could be the difference in clinching the site from other, less informed bidders and having to walk away from the site with the feeling that maybe someone knew something you didn’t.

Equally, if you have already purchased a site at auction (or elsewhere) we can provide a full assessment of your site to ensure you realise the full development potential of it, and the associated best value.

A pre or post auction written appraisal will provide specific information including:

• A site location plan/aerial photo image of the site
• An extract of the relevant Local Plan Map, showing the designations (if any) of the site
• A full breakdown of the relevant national and local planning policies
• A full, detailed assessment of the relevant planning considerations and the potentially acceptable uses for the site
• A full conclusion including the likely percentage chances of success of obtaining permission at application stage and at appeal

Appraisals can be tweaked in order to conform to any specific Client requirements, and if there is a desired end use in mind, an appraisal can be tailored to scope such a use/development.

A site visit can be undertaken also, providing initial verbal advice as to the development potential of the site at the time of the initial auction house viewings (if an auction property), which can be further supported with the production of a written appraisal if required.