Government bodies (and other organisations) constantly review their policy framework. Depending on the nature of these alterations, this could have major implications on Government steer on issues such as Retail, Commercial, Residential, Countryside and other developments. Changes could restrict the chances of achieving planning consent for a site, and conversely, could vastly improve chances also.

It is therefore essential that you are aware of such changes and the potential implications for any sites that you may hold.

In addition, there is a statutory requirement to members of professional bodies, such as the Royal Town Planning Institute, that they maintain a sufficient number of Continued Professional Development hours per annum. If you have members of staff it is essential that you fulfil this obligation.

A1 Planning can assist in these matters by:

• Monitoring of emerging Government (central, regional and local) policy guidance
• Providing written reviews and updates of new pieces of Government legislation including highlighting potential issues to be aware of
• Providing presentations of new pieces of Government (and other) legislation and facilitating discussions on the relevant topics